Product overview

Product code MIZUHA kuSui M-AVG
Dimensions W: 450mm D: 430mm H: 1,150mm
Faucet height 900mm
Weight Approx. 45kg
Power supply AC 100V 50/60Hz
Standby power consumption Approx. 2W (standby mode)
Power consumption Water production: 500W Water production + cooling: 650W
Operating environment 12~32°C Relative temperature: 30~90%
Water production 16L per day (tentative) *Humidity: 60% Temperature: 25°C
Noise Below 55 dB
Fan speed switch The noise level can be reduced by lowering the speed of the heat exchanger fan.
Fan speed: High: 65% Low: 40%
Sterilization device Ion generator (Concentration: 0.1~0.2ppm)
Water level management Sensors in water production tank and water cooler tank

Developing the KuSui