A thank you letter from CIESF Leaders Academy in Cambodia

Letter of AppreciationDear MIZUHA Co., Ltd.,You have expressed a deep understanding for CIESF's mission and delivered safe and delicious water to the pre to secondary school CIESF Leaders Academy through your KuSui machine. You have made a great contribution to realizing a sustainable society.I hereby express my utmost gratitude to you.April, 2021CIESFChairperson Hideo Okubo

Mr. Hideo Okubo, chairperson of CIESF and founder of CIESF Leaders Academy, expressed his gratitude regarding installation of the MIZUHA KuSui in the school.

CIESF Chairperson CIESF Leaders Academy Founder Hideo Okubo

Through such activities, MIZUHA will continue to create safe, reliable drinking water.

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