MIZUHA donated kuSui machines to a school and hospital in Cambodia.
Safe drinking water is not always available in Cambodia.
Children, as well as adults, know that full well.

“The well water and tap water are not safe for drinking. Our school (CIESF Leaders Academy) had been buying water for drinking and other purposes, spending 150,000 JPY each month.
Now that we have the kuSui installed, we have access to safe drinking water.
The kuSui has put a smile on everyone’s face.”

“We installed a kuSui in the pediatric cancer ward a week ago.Once the machine was installed, our staff showed them how to use it.After that, people were queueing up to use the machine.”


To all of you at the company that delivered water to us from Japan,
Though we do not have to pay medical fees, we cannot work because our child is hospitalized, which has brought us financial worries.
The water machine, however, solved our issues and we are very grateful for it.
We will treasure this machine.
Thank you so much.
We wish you all good health.

From a family member of a patient in the pediatric cancer ward

These messages are our treasure.
MIZUHA will continue to make
safe water for people.

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