The MIZUHA kuSui was installed at TAVICO, Vietnam's largest hardwood supplier.

The MIZUHA kuSui was installed at Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa, one of the leading resort hotels in Vietnam.

The MIZUHA kuSui was exhibited at the TIC in Yancheng, China

Exhibition of the MIZUHA kuSui has started at the Technical Incubation Center (TIC) in Yancheng, China.

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Water, Available from the Air

The MIZUHA kuSui creates water from air.
What if we could make water from air? The technology has already been established and even commercialized. Its use is widely varied, from drinking water in homes and offices to providing clean water to disaster areas and developing nations with insufficient infrastructure. We may one day face a future where we no longer need water pipes, which are costly to install and maintain.
The mechanism is simple: by cooling down air that is high enough in temperature and humidity, water vapor is condensed into droplets and collected. The technology is said to have been first developed in the early 2010s in the U.S. for military use. The water is disinfected and sterilized for drinking.
Last year, MIZUHA (Tokyo) commercialized it as "kuSui." The company owner saw children in Africa drinking muddy water and started development in hopes of making a change.
Its size is that of a small refrigerator, at 1.15 meters tall and 45 centimeters wide. It requires electricity and can create around 16 liters of water a day from air that is 60% humidity and 25 degrees Celsius. Plumbing work is not required.
"We struggled with the sterilization mechanism. We decided to employ silver ions as the most effective method," says Mr.Usami, the director of the Business Promotions Headquarters. It is mainly targeted for home and office use, and the preferred retail price is 680,000 JPY excluding tax. Water production drops when the humidity is below 30% and the temperature below 10 degrees Celsius.
There are plans to collaborate with AMDA in Okayama City, an international medical support group which sends doctors to disaster areas. To provide clean water for medical use in such areas, plans for loading onto large vehicles and using solar power and generators are in the works.
With further plans to install them along with solar power generators to create disaster-proof homes, or to install them on trains to create drinking water during operation, application of the kuSui is expected to broaden greatly.

MIZUHA Omotesando office opening
We at MIZUHA have opened a new office in Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, to spearhead our sales and promotional campaigns.
The office houses a meeting room with the KuSui on display, and our staff will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have about our products.

MIZUHA will be working in cooperation with the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA), an Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation. AMDA carries out emergency humanitarian aid in the medical and health care sectors in times of natural disasters and war.

MIZUHA exhibited the kuSui at a Dai-ichi Life business networking event for regional revitalization.

Video showing how the MIZUHA kuSui works is released.

MIZUHA informational video site opened.
MIZUHA official website renewed.